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If you have an equipment / pricing preference, please note it in the comment section when you request a free cost / benefit analysis.


Quality, new (surplus / overstock) solar equipment that has been price-discounted to make room for new inventory


Commonly stocked standard solar equipment that you will find on most FL solar quotes, unless otherwise specified.


Top of the line, higher wattage solar equipment that includes brands like: LG, Panasonic, Solaria.

$1.88 per watt - $2.38 per watt

$2.38 per watt - $2.68 per watt

$2.68 per watt - $2.98 per watt

Through our solar loan finance partners, qualified buyers can pay as little as $66 per month for a 5KW system with zero down. Why did we select a 5KW system? 


In Florida, the average solar system size is 5000-watts a.k.a. (5KW). Before incentives, a 5KW system costs about $13,200 or $2.64 cents per watt. For those eligible, there is a 26% federal tax credit which reduces the average net price to $9,768.00. (Battery backup power not included)


Blue Dot Energy charges $9,000 to $16,000 for a 5KW system - the range is based on solar products selected, installation factors, and other variables - if you're seriously considering solar - we should talk!


Shopping for the best deal can be time consuming.

But it does not have to be! While you're here, allow us to simplify the process for you...

  • Does Blue Dot have experienced staff? Yes!

  • Are we professional, trustworthy, and reliable? Yes!

  • Will we try to take advantage of you? Absolutely Not!

  • Will we harass you in any way, shape or form? Nope!

  • Will you receive a fair and reasonable price? You can count on it! 

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