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When it comes to financing home improvements such as solar and / or backup battery systems, one size does not fit all. Some consumers rely on existing bank relationships for commercial PV loans or a home equity loans. 

Others leverage 401k / retirement savings for a self-financed loan. While some prefer to take out a personal loan or boutique solar loan.


We will gladly assist you in determining how the payment terms you select compare to what you are currently paying to your electric utility over the short and long term. 



100% Financing. Low Interest Rates. Deferred Payments.

From solar energy systems + batteries to roofing, HVAC, Mosaic makes financing energy-efficient home improvements easy and affordable.

Man shows his family the solar panels on the plot near the house during a warm day. Young


A digital lending platform designed specifically for the home improvement industry.

PowerPay is a digital lending platform that offers home improvement financing for contractors, their customers, and everyday consumers. Their fully automated technology offers instant approvals on home improvement loans up to $100,000, helping homeowners and their contractors translate expensive home improvement projects into low monthly payments that can be paid overtime.

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